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Important Notice : Do I need any police verification / passport to get in ?

Indian passport copy is mandatory.
Race is only open Indian Passport holders for security reasons. If you do not have a passport
then please download the Police Clearance application form Click Here to download document and get it stamped from your local police station.
You must carry the original documents when you come for bib pickup.
This is a extreme high security area where all documents will be verified and only after clearance will you be permitted to enter
Last date to register 25 Nov. This date will not get extended Security clearance will be done after that.
All runners must follow the registration process.
No admittance without prior registration.


1. What are the categories?

21 KM Half Marathon
10 Km
5 Km
3 Km
Winners, runners-up and third place finishers will get the top honours in their respective categories.
Timing chip determines the winners. No timing chip -- No winner, even if you reach first.

2. Why is T-shirt and timing chip separate?

Costs for out of city run is always higher because of the logistics involved. So this is an attempt to reduce cost where possible. First three Winners get Trophy, bragging rights and the honour.

3. What is the last date of registration?

We have Limited route and accommodation inside INA. Total no of participants is restricted to 1000

4. What does registration fee cover?

Registration fee covers Official INA Ezhimala Tshirt, Bib, Finishers medal, breakfast and e-certificate. If you opted for timing chip then it also includes finish time and splits. Timing-Certificates is provided only to runners whose timing is recorded at every checkpoint on the course. To make sure that the timing is recorded, runners must cross the timing mats at the checkpoints and listen for a beep.

5. Where and when do I collect timing chip, bib and other accessories for the race?

Bib Distribution will take place in INA Ezhimala on 2nd December 2017 from 11am to 6pm

6. Is it compulsory to collect the bib on or before 2nd Dec 2017 ?

Yes it is compulsory. You may be denied permission to participate.

7. Can someone else collect the bib on my behalf?

Only way to do that, if some one else is collecting, then that person should carry your written authorization with a copy of your ID proof signed by you. WhatsApp copy wont be acceptable. Sharing SMS is also not acceptable. Hard copy of ID proof is required. Defence personnel to show their ID card with the no. they have punched in while registering. Students also to carry their I'd card

8. I could not collect my Bib at the bib distribution counter. Can I collect it on the race day?

No, bibs and timing chips will not be distributed on race day.

9. Where to stay?

We have made arrangements for participants to live inside the Cadet's living quarters , for the day before the run, at a very affordable rate. You can choose to book that option in the registration page.

10. How to get there?

Click here to get help on how to get there.