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Race Ambassador : MANSOOR MIRZA


INA Marathon, Land Of Legends Marathon

Running is my religion, ever run is my prayer, every event is my pilgrimage....... Through running I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and transcend limits of mind and body, every moment becoming the best version of what I can ever be, and the process is on.... every run takes me closer to live my life to the fullest!, I actually enjoy every moment of my run and my life as well! I have always enjoyed participating in events conducted by RunBuddies.Club, They are an awesome team, great arrangements, fantastic, beautiful locales and overall enjoyable experiences.
I am looking forward to running INA Ezhimala ever since I heard Arwind Bijwe mention it in early September?, when I had come to Pune University to felicitate Pravin Zele. However I was running Coorg barefoot marathon 42km on 10Dec,and felt it was too close to the event. I promised him that I would run it next year. But fortunately for me, a phone call and message urging me to register and experience the great expanse of INA and actually staying in the academy was too good to resist. I immediately replanned my schedules to register for this run which I feel is going to be amongst my most favourite and memorable runs! Excited to be a part of this first and unique event and hope you can join me too