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Race Ambassador : Muthukrishnan Jayaraman


INA Marathon, Land Of Legends Marathon

Around the age of 40 I realise that these all I could do physically, just go on the road and start running and all thats how it all started in 2010. It was a in chandigarh.
I started with tha half marathon before all that I run was a 5 KM and since then I have been running all across the country run around 15 Full Marathons and then about 40+ Half Marathons.
It wonderful to here that one of the brother institution of the AFMC like Indian Naval Academy is organising this marathon. INA is one of the youngest premier instituion like NDA or AFMC which is come up in place called Ezhimala.
This event thats happening on the 3rd Dec at the INA. I believe will be one of a kind, am sure not many of us would get this chance to go back there and run any day.Am sure this is one opportunity that is not worth missing. The runners across the country who come for this event are going to stay in this inside lovely campus and get a feel how it is live like cadets for a couple of days. Prior to this event which happens on 3rd of Dec.
So I urge all this marathoners from the north, east, west and south to go and join this event on 3rd Dec. and run and am sure when they go back they take huge memories from here and am looking forward to be.