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Race Ambassador : Captain Rajesh Wadhwa


INA Marathon, Land Of Legends Marathon

This young veteran of 54 started his running career from a "big" small half marathon somewhere way back in 2005 with the "Hutch Delhi Half Marathon" when the 'running culture' was just about stepping onto the roads of India ; starting from metros like Delhi which made some commercial sense for the sponsors, who had nothing to do with any of the sports, let alone running Marathons, which are taken as a punishment by most people. Notwithstanding, a beginning had been made with a "Leap of faith" in a dark deep well of hope, not knowing the outcome. Perhaps, some such leaps are required in life to make freshening start. With no idea of what rig to wear for the race, what type of shoes to wear, what type of training to undertake and what type of diet to consume, the training started and finally one day the body simply came to a halt after running 12 km approx, (No GPS aided apps or watches those days, smartphones still not around in India.) The body simply got seized as if due to a "Hydraulic Failure" where in all moving surfaces of a craft simply maintain Status Quo Ante with no movements permitted in any direction. With this "achievement" to my credit and a lot of prayers to god, I launched myself in my first ever Half Marathon in New Delhi in 2005. The gods were indeed very kind to me despite I being an opportunistic believer, and the result was that I was awarded with a very hope giving run of 1 h 48 minutes. Thus started my long journey of long Runs. Soon, Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2006 followed and there was no stopping thereafter... With more than 20 Half Marathons and about 10 plus Full Marathons my hunger drove me to explore the Off road Ultra Marathons. The first one came in the Aravali foothills close to Delhi ... an 80 Km trail ultra in a very unforgiving terrain and temperatures......accomplished nevertheless.. with silent expletives hurled at the Organisers and thanksgiving to the lord for his mercies. I WAS RE BORN....TO RUN Challenges awakened me even more and finally the crowning glories of 100 km, 111 km in the "LA Ultra" in Ladakh, billed as the most dangerous ultra marathon in the world and then the grueling 160 km run in Rann of Kutch in Feb 2017, completed in 32 h 32 minutes, then the only naval officer to have done it, had the record smashed within six months with a first ever 222 km by two very determined naval officers again in la Ultra in Aug 2017. I MET MY this very race.....back to preparing from a scratch to BOUNCE BACK again ....renewing my connect with the omniscient "Power of Intention".